Adventures in Dowsing

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Welcome to Western Geomancy

I’m Grahame Gardner, and you’ve found your way to my personal geomantic corner of the interweb. In here, you will find details about my dowsing and geomancy work, together with a mixed bag of articles, thoughts, ruminations and other belly rumblings connected with these esoteric subjects.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive resource on geomancy – for that I suggest you head over to our parent website The Geomancy Group, where I am also the webmaster and contribute a fair bit of the content; or check out some of the other geomantic and dowsing links displayed on the left.

Have a rummage around the site and, if you see something you like or want to get in touch to ask about a consultation, or for any other reason, please leave a comment or send an email.

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“Many leading scientists today believe that the increasing amount of computers and other electronic devices within our homes could be making us ill. Research has now linked these higher levels of electromagnetic radiation and consequential dirty electricity to increases in autism, cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

In his fascinating and well-researched book Grahame Gardner explains and guides readers through a tour of their domestic dwellings, exposing many hidden dangers you wouldn’t expect. Grahame’s complete command of the subject allows him to express in straightforward and accessible language how many of these issues can be recognised and resolved so as to create a healthier and safer home environment.”

Roy Riggs BSc

EMF surveyor/geobiologist

Forthcoming Events

  • Fri
    Corn Exchange, 11 Newmarket Road, Edinburgh EH14 1RJ

    I shall be giving a talk and workshop on 'Getting Started with Dowsing' on both days as part of the Celtic Mystery Festival. Talk times TBA, but I'll be running a stall all day so come and say hello!
    More details and booking: Click Here.

  • Fri
    Stirling Youth Hostel, St. John's Road, Stirling

    Grahame Gardner and Susan Collins present an intensive 4-day workshop bringing together the best of UK and North American dowsing techniques. Residential options available. Join us for a magical dowsing adventure in the heart of Scotland!

    Click here for details

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