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Welcome to Western Geomancy

Announcing the NEW ‘Gardner Rosette’

A tool for dowsers.

Many dowsers are familiar with the 8-colour ‘Mager Rosette’. Developed in the early 20th C. by the French dowser Henri Mager, it increases the range of information that can be dowsed. This new ‘Gardner Rosette’ includes the traditional Mager colours and adds an extra six that are useful for earth energy work and other forms of dowsing. The ‘metallic’ colours of copper (Cu), Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) are often related to dragon or serpent energy lines associated with global leys, such as the Michael or Apollo currents.

The Rosette also incorporates a handy central plus-minus pendulum chart that can be used independently or in conjunction with the colours. Full instructions are included.

Gardner Rosette

On sale in the store – only £5 plus P&P.

CLICK HERE for a full review by Ian Pegler.


Mandali labyrinth at sunset

Our latest commission – a custom-designed labyrinth at Mandali Retreat Centre in northern Italy.

Forthcoming Events

Event Information:

  • Wed

    Holistic Home and Business Harmonisation

    ASD convention, Lyndonville VT

    A joint full-day workshop with Susan Collins

    Join Susan and Grahame as they share the best of North American and European techniques
    for healing and balancing your home and business. Use dowsing and other visionary methods to
    identify the causes and symptoms of Geopathic and Geopsychic stress, then resolve these problems
    to create “Geoprosperous” environments to help you create health and prosperity on an ongoing basis.
    The workshop will include outdoor practical sessions and time to work on your own property using map
    dowsing and remote sensing. Bring along a floor plan of your property and let us help you heal your home!

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