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Welcome to Western Geomancy

I’m Grahame Gardner, and you’ve found your way to my personal geomantic corner of the interweb. In here, you will find details about my dowsing and geomancy work, together with a mixed bag of articles, thoughts, ruminations and other belly rumblings connected with these esoteric subjects.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive resource on geomancy – for that I suggest you head over to our parent website The Geomancy Group, where I am also the webmaster and contribute a fair bit of the content; or check out some of the other geomantic and dowsing links displayed on the left.

Have a rummage around the site and, if you see something you like or want to get in touch to ask about a consultation, or for any other reason, please leave a comment or send an email.

If you’re looking for my lighting design site, you want Dogstar Design.


Mandali labyrinth at sunset

Our latest commission – a custom-designed labyrinth at Mandali Retreat Centre in northern Italy.

Forthcoming Events

Event Information:

  • Wed

    The Cochno Stone and the Devil's Plantation

    7:30 pmTheosophy House, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow (near St. George's X Subway)

    West of Scotland Dowsers. Entry £3 (free to members)
    In the 1980s, Harry Bell's research into prehistoric alignments of Glasgow inspired many others to follow in his footsteps, culminating recently in a full-scale excavation and laser scan of the Cochno Stone, the largest example of prehistoric rock art in Europe. Grahame will update us on the dig, and share some of his own researches into Glasgow's Secret Geometry, and show May Miles Thomas' award-winning film "The Devil's Plantation".

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