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Grahame with singing bowlGrahame is a theatrical lighting designer by profession, and became a geomancer by vocation. He has been interested in all things esoteric for as long as he can remember, particularly earth mysteries; and has studied and practiced widely across the whole spectrum of Western esoteric tradition, from shamanism to Kabbalah. He taught himself to dowse as a teenager when, after reading Tom Grave’s ‘Needles of Stone’, he made his first pair of L-rods from some coat hangers and proved to his own satisfaction that he could find underground water, cables and other utilities.

Twenty years later, a chance encounter with Sig Lonegren in Glastonbury led him to realise that all the different coats he wore could in fact be hung on a single hook; and that it was called ‘geomancy’. After attending a geomancy-themed camp at the 1999 solar eclipse in Cornwall, where he met other teachers such as Patrick MacManaway, Ros Briagha, Jon Appleton and expert earth energies dowser Billy Gawn, Grahame decided to train as a professional geomancer and signed up for Sig and Patrick’s School of Modern European Geomancy in Glastonbury, where other teachers included Hamish Miller, John Michell, Marty Cain, Rev. Gordon Strachan, Kathy Jones and Ivan McBeth. Subsequent teachers have included Richard Creightmore, Roy Riggs, Susan Collins and White Eagle.

Grahame has been dowsing professionally since 2001 and specialises mostly in geopathic stress work and electromagnetic surveying of properties, a field now popularly known as ‘building biology’; although he also does water divining and dowsing for missing objects. He is a Professional Member and Registered Tutor of the British Society of Dowsers, became a Trustee and Council member of the Society in 2003 and served two terms as President from 2008 – 2014. He was awarded the BSD Award and an honorary Life Membership for his services to Dowsing and the Society. He hosts a podcast for the BSD called “Adventures in Dowsing,” moderates their dowsing forum, and has written several articles on dowsing and geomancy for their journal Dowsing Today, many of which have been published internationally. His first book ‘Dowsing Magic’ was published in 2012 by Penwith Press, and his second book ‘A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress’ was self-published in 2015. Both are available from the shop.

In 2012, Grahame was a featured speaker and workshop leader at the Canadian Society of Questers’ conference in British Columbia and guest speaker at the Canadian Society of Dowsers’ convention in Ontario. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 he was a featured speaker and pre-convention workshop leader at the American Society of Dowsers’ conventions in Vermont. He has also presented at the Escola Nacional de Feng Shui in Lisbon, the Società Italiana di Radionica e Radiestesia, the West Coast Dowsers in California, and the Japanese Society of Dowsing.

A founder member of The Geomancy Group, Grahame currently serves as their Secretary and webmaster. He is also a member of the Canadian and American dowsing societies, and is co-chair (with Susan Collins) of International Dowsers, dedicated to fostering greater links between British and North American dowsing techniques.

He is based in Glasgow, Scotland, but travels extensively.

You can find details of Grahame’s lighting design work on his other website, Dogstar Design.


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