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Autumn events

Apologies if you have been trying to access the site over the last few days, we’ve been offline due to some WordPress update that went awry. Many thanks to our hosts at Seven Internet for getting us back up and running.

I have just updated the events page with details of my forthcoming talks and events this autumn. As usual I am dashing around the country a lot, with the British Society of Dowsers’ Conference on 20-22 September in Cirencester, followed by a trip to Cornwall to give a talk to Trencrom Dowsers on 1 October. Then back to Glasgow to run a new day workshop exploring the legend of Glasgow’s patron saint St. Mungo (Kentigern) on 12 October, and then a 2-day course on Healing Your Home (Part 1) in Comrie, Perthshire on 19/20 October.

Have a look at the events page for more details on all these events, and I hope to see you at some of them.

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  • Tony Ellis

    Having done two of Grahame’s weekend courses as well as two one day workshops this year I can say that they are always fascinating, extremely informative and great fun. He really knows his stuff and a lot more besides and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge and expertise to beginners as well as more experienced dowsers. I had never done any dowsing before although always interested and am now hooked.

    Highly recommended to anyone who has in interest in dowsing and Earth Energies.

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