Adventures in Dowsing

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Here are some of my client testimonials.
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Earthing Sheet  

That grounding sheet is the best thing I ever bought... I've been sleeping fine since I got it.

Dowsing Magic  

The book is great - there is a lot in there to take in!

Golden Grahames  

They are very powerful – I had a profound experience last night; what do you do to them?

Golden Grahames  

The rods are really free, and they even work upside down - brilliant! I'm really pleased with them.


Grahame was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He took his time explained things well and was very thorough. He had prepared well before the visit and arrived with information already printed out about our area. I was also very impressed with the after care he offered. He was quick to answer any follow up queries we had. This is the second time we have used Grahame's services and would definitely recommend him.

Very professional  

Very professional - would recommend to friends and colleagues.


(The house) felt weird for a few days, but it soon passed and we feel a lot better now, thank you.

House feels more peaceful  

Since Grahame came to our house... there has been a decided change for the better. The problem we had was resistant, but now the house feels more peaceful than it has ever been. We are experiencing improved quality of sleep and the uncomfortable feelings have gone. Grahame took time to listen to details and explained what he planned to do before going about his business in a thoroughly professional and friendly manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


We are glad to have had you check out our house, we are more aware of house energies and Wi-Fi pollution now and I think it has helped a lot, thank you Grahame!

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