Adventures in Dowsing

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Here are some of my client testimonials.
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Dowsing Magic  

The book is great - there is a lot in there to take in!

Golden Grahames  

The rods are really free, and they even work upside down - brilliant! I'm really pleased with them.

Earthing Sheet  

That grounding sheet is the best thing I ever bought... I've been sleeping fine since I got it.

Golden Grahames  

They are very powerful – I had a profound experience last night; what do you do to them?

It's a new house!  

Thank you for coming last week ... the house feels great now - especially the main bedroom. It's a new house!


We have a beautiful classical labyrinth in our garden, which Grahame designed and directed the building of. The builders had never done this kind of project before and were a bit bemused and unsure, but Grahame directed them clearly and precisely. He provided the lovely central standing stone - and when it was completed, taught us the "Appleton" walk. He has since come up with an extended version of the Appleton, where more people can walk a labyrinth together.
He was a joy to work with - very entertaining and has a real depth of knowledge in this interesting area.


(Your visit) was really useful and helped me a lot – thanks!


I'm still reaping the benefits of the fabulous remedial work you did for me, here at the lake - thank you!


Thank you so much, I rested assured last night.

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