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Latest News

International Dowsing Day 2021 livestreamed event.

Hosted by Grahame Gardner (westerngeomancy.org) and Susan Collins (dowser.ca).
Panelists: Richard Fry (britishdowsers.org); Beth Roszman (dowsers.org); Gladys McCoy (ozarkresearch.org); Alessandra Previdi (radionica.it); Nobuo Kato (dowsing.jp); Gwynn Paulett (devondowsers.org.uk); Peter Knight and Sue Wallace (stoneseeker.net); Dr. Jin Peh (jinpeh.com); Danny Blitz (superpowerfilm.com)

Superpower is a web docu-series exploring humanity’s hidden potential. I feature in the second film. Each film was free to view at the time of launch, but now various purchase packages are available. Click on the picture to find out more.

The train is now departing the Age of Disinformation, arriving in the Age of Intuition –

Virtual Workshops

Due to the current pandemic lockdowns, I am making some of my talks and workshops available online – you can choose to stream them online, or order a physical DVD. All come with student handouts.


Pendulums, Pendulums, Pendulums!

Need a pendulum? I have lots of new stock, there’s sure to be one that catches your eye!

Forthcoming Events

Flagstaff Dowsers Conference

Start date: October 6, 2021 - End date: October 11, 2021

Location: Little America Hotel, Flagstaff, AZ

If travel restrictions have eased, I hope to be presenting in person at this conference. Continue reading Flagstaff Dowsers Conference

DFEST 2022

Start date: June 11, 2022 - End date: June 12, 2022


Grahame will be presenting at this dowsing festival, organised by Devon Dowsers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been postponed to 2022 Continue reading DFEST 2022

Cancellations/refunds policy on my courses: More than 4 weeks before – full refund. Less than 4 weeks before – 50% refund. Less than 1 week before: no refunds.

Comments from previous courses:

Fundamentals of Dowsing  

One of the best workshops we've ever had.

NFSH The Healing Trust   

This was an excellent course. The tutor was very good in dealing with any areas I was sceptical about.

Dragons, Demons, Devas and Doorways  

What a great talk! I really learned a lot from you.

Understanding Geopathic Stress (EE2)  

I highly recommend this 2-day course - perfect pitch in all areas.

Symbols, Shapes and Sigils  

This was an excellent class! I am so glad I took it!


I think your courses are fantastic.

Understanding Power Centres (EE4)  

A well-presented course.


Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Dowsing workshops.  

I am glad I enrolled and completed three well designed training workshops with Grahame. The workshops were very well presented, great venue and with first class training resources. Great value for money. As well as Grahame being an expert dowser and trainer, we had a good eclectic group who brought their own expertise and knowledge to the proceedings.

David de Gernier. June 2018.

David de Gernier   
Symbols, Shapes and Sigils  

Grahame is always such a great speaker!


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