A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress

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Many leading scientists today believe that the increasing amount of computers and other electronic devices within our homes could be making us ill. Research has now linked these higher levels of electromagnetic radiation and consequential dirty electricity to increases in autism, cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

In his fascinating and well-researched book Grahame Gardner explains and guides readers through a tour of their domestic dwellings, exposing many hidden dangers you wouldn’t expect. Grahame’s complete command of the subject allows him to express in straightforward and accessible language how many of these issues can be recognised and resolved so as to create a healthier and safer home environment.

Roy Riggs BSc
EMF surveyor/geobiologist

Review by Lucy Black:
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I always had an inkling that certain electrical appliances, wi-fi routers etc had a negative effect on me, but I didn’t really know exactly how or why, so I sort of put it to the back of my mind. That was until I recently had smart meters installed, and started to get headaches and very bad tiredness every time I was in the house, which disappeared when I wasn’t in the house. At that point I knew there must be something going on!

I decided to research further, and stumbled across this book. It’s a fantastic resource, containing so much great information. I learned a lot from reading it, and found the advice really very helpful indeed. The author has made it really simple to understand, and has made the suggestions very practical, so it’s not intimidating at all to start to rectify issues that might be impacting on your health.

I’ve set about cleaning up my flat in terms of reducing and removing anything that might be causing technopathic stress, and have really noticed a positive difference. As soon as I had the smart meters removed, the headaches disappeared! I know this sounds really strange, but it does seem to have an impact. Removing my wireless phone and replacing it with an ‘old fashioned’ cabled one also made a big difference, and I always turn my wi-fi off now too when I’m not using it. I’ve put filters in to clear up the ‘dirty electricity’ and am looking at taking further measures too.

If you think you might be a wee sensitive soul such as myself, or even if you don’t think that you are, but want to find out more about the possible impact that environmental factors could be having on you, this book is well worth reading.

Amazon customer:

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Great Book Grahame. I’ve read a number of books about EMFs recently to guide my research. I like the approach, snappy, consistent very relevant key information for somebody making a start identifying their own exposures and useful guidelines on prevention/reduction of exposures. I like the information added about power and frequency for each type of device. The little quick guide/bookmark is very useful too.

Review by Simon Wheeler:

I suspect that many, if not most, of the people reading this review here will be in some part familiar with the general contents and principle arguments in Grahame’s book. Dowsers are usually aware of the impact of detrimental frequencies on the landscape, houses and the health of animals and people.
However, it is good to have a book that is both a reference and an accessible handy guide…which this book is.

I did raise a concerned eyebrow when I read the first sentence on the back cover blurb: “Is your technology making you ill?” My responses included- “Oh no, not a doom and gloom polemic…” and “Possibly- but (1) what can I do about it that I don’t already do and (2) what about other people’s technology?”

My fears were not justified. It is not all “doom and gloom” – although some of it does continue to cause alarm. And Grahame does do what he promises on another part of the back cover blurb: “outline some simple precautions that will allow you to maintain a technological lifestyle without getting sick.” I also like that he has included some personal anecdotes based on his experiences of working as a professional dowser, performing house healing etc.

The 90 or so pages of this book result from Grahame’s own need to present his clients (and learning dowsers at his courses) with solid, well-researched information and explanations. As technopathic stress is a relatively new phenomenon there is not much in the way of long-term scientific research or published papers; however, Grahame does have a useful list of websites in both the References and the Resources sections. In the text he notes that many other countries have recommended or adopted lower levels of electromagnetic exposure than the UK government.

The main part of the book is organised so that the chapters are listed in decreasing order of severity of hazards. The opening chapter is a definition and explanation of what technopathic stress is (this is the main background science bit) – but then follows twelve chapters, each on everyday modern items- starting with cordless phones, followed by Wi-Fi, through Bluetooth, beds (yes…beds) and dirty electricity, ending with “other hazards”.

Whether we like it or not, there is a price to pay for all this modern convenient technology. In my house we already have cordless phones that can be switched to “Eco” mode; we have a wired network and only turn on Wi-Fi occasionally. If I forget to turn off the Wi-Fi at night, by morning I know it was on- it actually has an impact on my dreaming- in spite of the fact that my router allows me to select “Power reduction”. I don’t use an electric blanket (and I live in north Scotland). So, to return to my second paragraph above- I already do what I can. Looking at further means to reduce our exposure to harmful EMFs- this can be expensive. Do the practical things first. Do what you can do- and Grahame makes sensible, useful and easy-to-do suggestions. Minimise the risks- they can never be totally eliminated.

Only you can decide your response to this relatively new hazard. Every day we risk damage to our immune systems, we risk cancer, we risk insomnia, headaches, memory loss, ME etc. …We are learning all the time how much technopathic stress increases these risks. Just as a change in our diet may benefit our health, or a change in lifestyle may reduce those risks, so too may a closer and informed look at the impact of all the technological “advances” that surround us. By reading this book, at least we can educate ourselves just that little bit more. And if you want to keep up to date with research, this book gives you the website links to keep an eye on.

I suspect that we will hear much more about technopathic stress as the years go by….especially if/when smart meters are rolled out. When that happens, when you hear in the media about EMFs and the Microwave smog- if you have read this book you will be in a better position than most to respond intelligently and responsibly.

A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress by Grahame Gardner.
Published by Western Geomancy, May 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9932347-0-5

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