Electrosensitivity: Is your mobile really a threat to your health?

There was a very good article in Metro today about electrosensitivity – it’s well worth a read.

Insomnia is one of the biggest effects of ES and Weeks says this lack of sleep affects our immune systems and our ability to repair and fight infections. ‘A study by scientists in America categorically showed that having your mobile phone by your bed at night affects your ability to go into a deep sleep,’ he says. ‘This is sufficient evidence to show that mobile phones don’t allow us to go into a deep REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep, thus preventing us from repairing properly. If we don’t repair when we sleep it affects everything to do with our health and can mean we don’t produce melatonin, which puts us more at risk of getting different types of cancers. EMFs can also increase something called oxidants. We’re so conscious about antioxidants such as blueberries to help prevent cancers and heart disease so any kind of increase in oxidants is going to increase premature ageing and disease.’

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/848646-electrosensitivity-is-your-mobile-really-a-threat-to-your-health#ixzz16hOr5KGe

Although sceptics will insist that there is no evidence to support the idea that high levels of pulsed microwave radiation are detrimental to health, there are plenty of sensitive individuals out there who would disagree. But don’t take my word for it; make your own observations. Do you have trouble sleeping? If you have Wi-Fi and/or a DECT cordless phone, try switching them off at night. Don’t leave your mobile on the bedside table, or if you must, put it into airplane mode so that it’s not active. See if you notice an improvement in your sleeping patterns. I first noticed that I was sensitive to this when staying in B&B accommodation when I was away from home. In one establishment I didn’t sleep a wink for three days, although the bed was comfortable and the street quiet. I found out as I was leaving that my bed was directly over the Wi-Fi router in the reception, which was mounted on the ceiling. Later empirical observations in places where I slept well except when the Wi-Fi had been left switched on without my knowledge convinced me that there is a definite effect happening and that electrosensitivity is a genuine issue of concern.

Now if mobiles, DECT and Wi-Fi are not scary enough for you, the Metro article had a supplemental piece about Smart Meters, which utility companies like British Gas are very keen to install in all our houses. These devices also transmit high levels of pulsed microwave radiation constantly, as you can see in this YouTube video:

Combine this with Wi-Fi and DECT phone emissions, and you can begin to see the sort of electromagnetic soup that we are all being exposed to these days. I see the effect more and more in my clients; that’s why as part of my geomancy home consultations I always include a full check of the EMF and microwave levels in the property using scientific instrumentation. See my page on technopathic stress for more details.

For a very in-depth report on the current UK proposals to have a Smart Meter in every household, have a look at Alasdair and Jean Philips’ article on the Powerwatch website. The final paragraph says it all really:

It would be good to ensure that, inside our houses, we can have the option not to use RF/microwaves to communicate between the meter and various appliances, without suffering financial consequences. This will need a considerable amount of lobbying by a lot of people.

I couldn’t agree more.

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