Adventures in Dowsing

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ASD 2017 convention feedback:

This was an excellent class! I am so glad I took it!
F***ing brilliant and then some! Content, delivery, group interaction. Best of the conference.
Good presentation – fun, interesting – interactive! I would love to learn more from him.
Grahame is a lot of fun, his enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Can’t wait for your next book. This was a Blessing.
Exceeded my expectations. Very helpful and useful, adding tools and ideas which I will incorporate into my shaman work.
Grahame is always such a great speaker!
Excellent presentation. PowerPoint was well done and he gave us great tools too!
Wonderful workshop, tons of information.
Grahame demonstrates mastery of this subject. It has been a privilege to hear him speak!
Informative, Instructive, User-friendly!
Funny, interesting, interactive. Awesome!
Liked the lecture followed by practice, more lecture/more practice. Really enforced the information.


Here is a listing of my currently available workshops and talks:

Dowsing is an empowering tool for enhancing your intuitive abilities and accessing information that is unavailable through normal channels. Check my event schedule here to see where I’m presenting, or you can put your own group together and I’ll come to you. I can also tailor a talk or workshop to your specific requirements. Please ask for details.

Fundamentals of Dowsing

Type: Talk / workshop
Duration: 1-3 hours
Requirements: PowerPoint, dowsing tools, outdoor space (optional)
Grading: beginner

A practical dowsing workshop for beginners – duration from 1-3 hours as required. Concentrates mainly on pendulum and basic L-rod work, but can include other tools if outdoor space available.

Self-Empowerment with Dowsing

Type: Talk/workshop
Duration: Full day or as required
Requirements: PowerPoint, dowsing tools, outdoor space (optional)
Grading: beginner/intermediate

As ‘Fundamentals…’, but a more in-depth dowsing workshop suitable for beginner and intermediate dowsers that places more emphasis on identifying and resolving personal issues using dowsing techniques.

 Geomantic Paradigms – Connecting Spirit with Landscape

Type: Talk
Duration: 1 hour
Requirements: PowerPoint
Grading: Beginner/intermediate

Presentation Outline: A geomantic worldview examining how we interact with Spirit and Landscape. What makes a place feel special to us? How can we communicate with the Spirit of Place?

This talk invites the listeners to question their environment and their interaction with it. By looking at the psycho-geography of the landscape surrounding us, it enables us to connect with the Spirit of Place at a personal level and communicate with the consciousness of the area.
The presentation includes several examples from Grahame’s own travels.

Dragons, Devas, Demons and Doorways – the Shamanic Universe

Type: Talk
Duration: 1 hour
Requirements: PowerPoint
Grading: intermediate

Presentation outline: This presentation looks at the geopsychic and psycho-spiritual issues that the practising geomancer frequently has to deal with. We will study spiritual cosmology using the shamanic ‘world tree’ model of consciousness and look at how to traverse the paths within the tree and interact with the beings that inhabit the various realms. May include guided meditation to connect with spirit guides.

Feedback from ASD: “More interesting than I imagined”, “Great speaker”, “Very professional”, “What a great talk – I really learned a lot from you”.

Principles of Earth Healing – Dealing with Geopathic Stress

Type: Talk / workshop
Duration: 1 hour / half-day
Requirements: PowerPoint
Grading: Beginner/Intermediate

Presentation outline: The ‘bread and butter’ of the working geomancer is in healing geopathically-stressed buildings. But sometimes we are called on to balance energies in the wider landscape. This session will take a look at some of the historical research into geobiology and geopathic stress and the use of geomancy methods to enhance crop yields; it can be extended into a half-day workshop including practical demonstrations of earth acupuncture techniques and methods of empowering the land through dowsing and ceremony.

Geobiology and Technopathic Stress – the Hazards of EMFs

Type: Talk / workshop
Duration: 1-2 hours
Requirements: PowerPoint
Grading: Any

Presentation outline: In our gadget-hungry world we are exposed to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation from increased use of electricity and wireless devices. More and more people suffer from electro hyper-sensitivity, which manifests with symptoms including forgetfulness, headaches, fatigue, irritability, tinnitus and depression. Grahame will outline some simple ways to control your exposure to maintain a technological lifestyle without getting sick. Extended workshop version uses dowsing to explore the effectiveness of various ‘widgets’ for combatting EMFs.

Feedback from ASD 2015: “Great”, “Extremely informative”, “Important research”.

Grids, Geometry, Geomancy and Gnosis

Type: Talk
Duration: 1 hour
Requirements: PowerPoint
Grade:  Any

Presentation outline: What makes a place special? Why do these places seem to connect with each other? What do we mean by leys anyway? An ongoing investigation into the nature of geomancy and its relation with landscape. Includes Grahame’s recent research into Glasgow’s Network of Aligned Sites (discovered by local researcher Harry Bell in the 1980s)  and its connection with the city’s founding father, St. Mungo (Kentigern), whose remains are mysteriously absent from his tomb in Glasgow cathedral.

In the Footsteps of Kentigern

Type: Workshop
Duration: Full day
Grade: Any

An extension of the ‘Grids, Geometry, Geomancy and Gnosis’ talk, this is a site-specific walkabout in Glasgow centre that explores the legend of the city’s founding father, St. Mungo (Kentigern). Using dowsing, we trace the now-buried route of the Molendinar burn, visit the ancient Ladywell, dowse the nexus of earth energies on the Necropolis, and search for Kentigern’s remains in the crypt of Glasgow Cathedral.

The Cochno Stone and Glasgow’s Secret Geometry (NEW for 2017)

Type: Talk
Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Any

A more in-depth exploration of Harry Bell’s Glasgow Network of Aligned Sites (introduced in the ‘Grids, Geometry, Geomancy and Gnosis’ talk), this talk covers some other areas of the network and discusses the 2016 excavation of the Cochno Stone, said to be the finest (and largest) example of prehistoric rock art in Europe. Does it really record a solar eclipse in Glasgow in 3000 BC, as renegade archaeologist Ludovic Mann claimed?

 Dowsing Magic – Symbols, Shapes and Sigils (NEW for 2017)
Programming the Quantum Wave

Type: Talk / workshop
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
Requirements: PowerPoint, Whiteboard. Participants need notepads, pens and a Sharpie marker.
Grade: Any

Presentation outline: In this practical session we shall explore the power and etheric form resonance generated by geometric symbols and shapes, using our dowsing to compare the effect of various sacred geometric forms on the human energy field and see how they affect earth energies. We will then learn how to encode our intention into the form of a sigil, which is a graphical distillation of purpose that can be programmed as an ongoing emitting matrix requiring no further consideration. We’ll look at how to create them, some things that they can be used for, and how to activate them to achieve our goal.

Feedback from ASD 2017: “Excellent presentation.  PowerPoint was well done and he gave us great tools too!” “Good presentation – fun, interesting – interactive!  I would love to learn more from him”, “F***ing brilliant and then some!  Content, delivery, group interaction.  Best of the conference.”

Workshop: Seven Steps to Sacred Space – the Art of Temple Creation

Type: Workshop
Duration: Full day
Requirements: Presentation facilities, masking tape, enough floor area OR outdoor space (preferred) to create a moderately-sized circle. Participants should each bring a stone or crystal.
Grading: Intermediate/Advanced

Presentation Outline: The Art of the geomancer is in the creation of sacred space. This workshop and presentation outlines the main principles of dowsing, sacred geometry and astronomical alignment that define such spaces, with plenty of examples from around the world, and provides practical instruction in creating your very own sacred space in your home.

Feedback from ASD 2017: “Wonderful workshop, tons of information”, “Grahame demonstrates mastery of this subject.  It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to hear him speak!” ”Exceeded my expectations.  Very helpful and useful”, “Grahame was a lot of fun, his enthusiasm is contagious.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Workshop: Walking the Path – a workshop on labyrinths

Type: Talk / workshop
Duration 1-4 hours or full day
Requirements: Rope, stakes, line marking paint or other means of marking labyrinth
Grading: Any

Requirements: Presentation facilities, outdoor space (grass preferred)/ large indoor hall, materials to mark out labyrinth (paint, flour, lime powder etc.). Can be half-day (if labyrinth is pre-made) or full-day (including labyrinth construction). This workshop is often combined with ‘Fundamentals of Dowsing’ in a full-day configuration.

Outline: Labyrinths are powerful transformational and healing tools – they differ from a maze in that they have only one path to the goal, so you don’t have to think about where you are going, you simply allow yourself to follow the path. They can be used for meditation, prayer walks, problem solving and ceremony. Grahame has been working with and making labyrinths for many years, and is a wonderful guide to the mysteries of the Path. His recently discovered labyrinth dance “Gardner’s Double Appleton” will be the exciting conclusion to this fun day.

British Society of Dowsers – approved courses with BSD certificate:

Introduction to Dowsing for Beginners (1 day)

A primer in dowsing for complete beginners, covering all the main disciplines of dowsing for water, archaeology, health and earth energies.

Foundation Course in Dowsing (2 days)

Extended version of above with more in-depth instruction. Usually includes a field trip to a suitable nearby site.

Understanding Earth Energies (EE1 – 2 days)

Follows on from the ‘Introduction’ or ‘Foundation’ courses, exploring the metaphysical side of dowsing for earth energies.

Understanding Geopathic Stress (EE2 – 2 days)

Develops the earth energies curriculum and provides instruction on healing sick buildings.

Understanding Geopsychic Stress (EE3 – 2 days)

Further develops the earth energies curriculum with training on spirit release and other psycho-spiritual disturbances.

Understanding Power Centres (EE4 – 2 days)

An alternative or supplemental thread, this course trains students in the geomantic design principles of sacred space.

Working with Power Centres (EE5  – 2 days)

A practical ‘finishing course’ for EE4 students, this course involves the actual construction of a sacred space.

Technopathic Stress (EE6 – 1 day)

A 1-day primer course on dealing with the hazards of EMFs in the home.

 Note: BSD Curriculum courses are designed to build upon previous courses. Students should complete them in this order: Introduction or Foundation, then EE1-EE3 and/or EE4-EE5 and/or EE6.