Flagstaff Dowsing Conference Workshop

(At least) 10 Ways to Space-Clear Your Home

Flagstaff Dowsing Conference online workshop
Sunday 17th October 11:00 MST/ 18:00 UTC ( 11am Flagstaff/ 7pm UK time)

Space-clearing is an ancient practice found in many cultural traditions that seeks to balance and enhance the energies within our home and create within it a sanctuary that nurtures our spirit.

Based on the premise that everything has consciousness, it allows us to talk to our home and establish a working relationship with it.

In this fun and experiential workshop, we look at the development of space clearing techniques through the ages and explore several different techniques that we can use to harmonise our living space.

Worksheets and handouts will be provided in advance. Participants will also receive a private invitation link to Grahame’s keynote talk ‘Dowsing: Magic for the 21st Century’.

Workshop duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs approx.


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