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Grahame demonstrates mastery of this subject. It has been a privilege to hear him speak!
Informative, Instructive, User-friendly!
This was an excellent class! I am so glad I took it!
Can’t wait for your next book. This was a Blessing.
F***ing brilliant and then some! Content, delivery, group interaction. Best of the conference.
Excellent presentation. PowerPoint was well done and he gave us great tools too!
Exceeded my expectations. Very helpful and useful, adding tools and ideas which I will incorporate into my shaman work.
Wonderful workshop, tons of information.
Grahame is always such a great speaker!
Grahame is a lot of fun, his enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Liked the lecture followed by practice, more lecture/more practice. Really enforced the information.
Good presentation – fun, interesting – interactive! I would love to learn more from him.
Funny, interesting, interactive. Awesome!

France aims to remove wireless tech

According to the February issue of Electrosensitivity UK, two provinces in France are planning on replacing their entire wireless technology infrastructure with fibre-optics by July 2010:

To remove the health dangers of WiFi, Wimax, digital TV and digital Radio, the départments of the Drôme and the Ardèche in France are aiming by July 2010 to replace wireless with fibre-optic cables, at a cost of 123 M€ (184 M$). This will cover 100% of the population of 0.95 million, connecting 372,000 homes via the ordinary phone line through 213 switchboards.
It will provide ultra high speed broadband connection (100 Mbps) without any loss of signal due to distance, for a “triple play” service of Internet, telephone and TV. WiFi and WiMax will stop altogether because of their health dangers.

When is the UK going to get up to speed on this? I know BT are rolling out their fibre-optic broadband across the country, but in the home they still supply the most powerful WiFi router of any service provider. You might as well install a mobile phone mast in your garden – in fact, that would actually expose you to lower levels of microwaves! Until WiFi is banned from homes and schools, as France is doing, the UK’s NHS costs are going to keep escalating as more and more people get ill. But realistically, the competition between the various ISP’s in the UK means that it will probably require an Act of Parliament before any action is taken. I mean it’s not exactly in BT’s interest to lower the output of their Home Hub, is it?
Maybe it is time to think about moving to that cottage in France that you always thought about buying?

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