Initial Consultation Form

Thank you for your interest my services. To ensure that the consultation is as effective as possible, please fill out the questionnaire below, providing as much information as you feel is relevant. Please be entirely honest when filling out this form, no matter how weird you may think it sounds. All information supplied will be treated with total confidentiality.

In addition to the completed questionnaire you will also need to separately send me a rough floor plan of your property and any surrounding land that is yours (gardens etc.) Make a separate drawing for each floor if there is more than one. If you have a large area of land you may like to make a separate site drawing. The floor plan does not have to be terrifically accurate, and a hand-drawn sketch on A4 paper is preferred to an architect’s drawing (which has too much detail). Please show where all the doors and windows are, label the rooms (e.g. Lounge, Bed 1, Bed 2 etc.) and, if you can, indicate the direction of North on your drawings. You can upload your plans with the form or ask for postal details if you prefer.

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. If you have any further questions, please email me.