News release – Beechbrae Community Labyrinth

30 September 2021 – for immediate release

Volunteers sought to help build a new labyrinth in the woods of West Lothian

Keen gardeners and those with an active interest in the environment are being actively encouraged to sign up and help create a new Scottish labyrinth in the woods of West Lothian.

Beechbrae, the woodland-based social enterprise and charity in Blackridge, have commissioned a bespoke labyrinth for their centre, designed by acclaimed Glasgow-based geomancer* Grahame Gardner.

The Beechbrae team plans to have all works completed by Samhain on 1 November, Beechbrae’s 9th birthday. Volunteers are warmly invited to sign up and help add the final touches in a practical labyrinth making workshop on 30 and 31 October.

Humans have been building labyrinths for over 4,000 years and they appear in all cultures; however this community-built Scottish labyrinth will be both wheelchair accessible and built from natural materials.

“Labyrinths are wonderful tools for enhancing mindfulness and reducing stress levels,’ Gardner said. “Unlike a maze where you have to actively choose which direction to take, a labyrinth has only one path leading you first into the centre then back out again. So, you can switch off the analytical part of your brain and just enjoy the experience. It becomes a walking meditation.”

Beechbrae’s project manager Ally Graham added: “The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness, representing a journey or path to our own centre and back again. It’s a metaphor for life’s journey.  We’re delighted to have Grahame design this unique labyrinth specially for us. It will be wheelchair-accessible, which will allow everyone to experience its magic.”

Volunteers are being actively encouraged to help construct the labyrinth on October 30 & 31. This will involve some light digging and gardening work, so be prepared to get your hands dirty! If you are interested in learning more about labyrinths and would like to join the team in bringing this one to life, contact Ally at


  • Grahame Gardner explains that geomancy is, ‘like a Western form of Feng Shui’. Geomancy works with subtle energies within the earth to create harmonious environments and enhance our connection with Spirit.

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30 September, 2021

For further information, contact Ally Graham M: 07494 449483 e:

or Grahame Gardner, M: 07831 314770, e:

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