1. Thank you Grahame. The article answers a lot of the questions I have been wondering about. Yours aye, Bill Park.

  2. Thanks for this info Grahame ,will call and hopefully have permission to walk Breemie labyrinth,,

  3. Thank you for these photos. I lived near the Cochno stones and it drew local kids to it like a magnet. That was in the 50s. I forgot all about it until I read and article last year about the excavation and re interment. The photo showing the stones sloping is exactly how I remember it! I always wondered what they were. I found the energy there rather comforting. I would have loved to have been there again when they were researched. Too late now.

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  6. The Gardner Rosette is a modernisation of the Henri Mager disc, having 14 colours instead of eight.

    These six extra colours may help with Earth Energy dowsing. However, the rosette is an incredibly versatile tool which could be used for virtually any sphere of dowsing:- water, minerals, earth energies, healing etc. It is especially useful when you require a qualitative or graded response. Gardner’s disc goes further as there is an inner circle with a yes/no chart and a numerical dial; the leaflet suggests swinging the pendulum back and forth over the zero-line and then asking the pendulum to angle towards the number which reflects the answer. This could then be used, for example, to modify a colour response.

    I decided to try out this new rosette by locating a water vein in my back garden. I first tested the purity of the water using my old Mager disc, and got a green signature. I then tested it using the Gardner rosette and got the same colour. Using the number dial I qualified this, getting a +3. So this represents a refinement on what the old Mager disc can do.

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  11. I found your instructions and created a snow labyrinth in my backyard on New Year’s Eve. I had to modify the overall shape slightly – because of the Mountain Ash tree. Thanks SO much!

  12. I am the same these are special rocks that should be protected and people should be allowed to see them, and they should be made to pay to see them which could help keep them protected.

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  14. very interesting article Grahame.From all the research on the subject it seems its a golden rule to always ask for permission when dowsing ,sadly not always adhered to.

  15. Graham,
    I share your concerns regarding the ‘uncovering’ of the stone.
    In the world at this time, and particularly with the levels of acidic rainfall ‘precipitated’ by vast numbers of chemtrails, these wonders should be better left alone, untarnished and underground. Vandalism, also, is prevalent this we can better protect our national treasures inside rather than out

  16. i stumbled across this site while googling geometry and how thrilled was I? I´ve spent hours reading the whoe thing and then more hours investigating all the detours – the molindinar burn being my favourite -I live in Asturias Spain but come from Scotland and cannot believe I have never seen the sighthill stones -I´m definately coming for september – hope they are still there. I have not however been able to see the video – or find any more detail of the mary ross material – apart from blog 17¿ – any reason for that? – i would so love to hear the Mary Ross stuff and see the movie- Thank you for a wonderful day!

    • Hi – I made the free promo code available last Oct to Nov because the film was nominated for a BAFTA Audience award and because Cineworld were charging £9 to see it I decided to make the film available for free for a limited time. All I’m asking is for a small fee on Vimeo since I had no funding for the film – if you go to
      – you’ll find the link. Many thanks!

  17. Well said, Grahame. In my humble opinion, just because you think you can does not mean you should. Far too often ego gets in the way of correct action.
    Peace and blessings

  18. I’m thanking to find your article, thinking to re-viewing own life localy. I move back to Fife cottage, now it’s time for myself to cleaning life after look after my mother in Japan for while. have a good Easter.

  19. My friend Stefan just shared a link to your dowsing article and I feel so happy to have read it.

    Am not a dowser, would love to learn, but have years and years of experience working in the intuitive realm. Your distinction between noise and signal is spot on. And permissions. In the past several years have become a huge fan of getting explicit permission before opening up to give or receive, probably even too conservative that way.

    Love what you said about groups dabbling outside their own home. Lots to say about that.

    Anyway, thank you for your fantastic, refreshing post!! I look forward to reading more of them.

  20. Excellent stuff Grahame
    There are too many so called dowsers that clag up the authorities when disasters occur trying to make a name for themselves.
    With regard to the Great Earth mother. Leave her alone, unless you know what you’re doing. It’s so easy to send the wrong message to her and upset any balance we have managed to achieve so far.

    Blessed be

  21. Great article Grahame. I think egos often run away with people at the expense of common sense, respect and good manners. Like you I am reassured by the fact that Gaia is much more sensible than her human inhabitants. /l\

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  23. Having done two of Grahame’s weekend courses as well as two one day workshops this year I can say that they are always fascinating, extremely informative and great fun. He really knows his stuff and a lot more besides and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge and expertise to beginners as well as more experienced dowsers. I had never done any dowsing before although always interested and am now hooked.

    Highly recommended to anyone who has in interest in dowsing and Earth Energies.

  24. I’m so glad that someone else couldn’t figure it! I’m pretty good with maps, geometry and stuff and “The Secret” is shown at 7 o’clock (ish) and is as equidistant from Camphill as Tinto is at 4 o’clock (ish). The “Secret” at 7 o’clock (ish) would be some 29 miles SSW (approx) of Camphill. This leaves it lying wet somewhere off the shore near Prestwick and certainly not a “sight line” from Camphill….. If the distance was extended to 34.5 miles it could be the geographical feature of Heads of Ayr or the slightly nearer (33 miles) Greenan Castle (with its mooted “Arthurian Connection”)! A genteel request to May generated zilch.
    Methinks some liberties were taken with scale and directions for ease of display on May’s Devil’s Plantation! Who knows… mibee Feb 23rd will reveal all?

    • Well, I did wonder if ‘the secret’ was Ailsa Craig, as this would fit with general ley theory (particularly David Cowan’s work). That might just fit with your calculations?
      There are a couple of things on May’s map that are not expounded in Harry’s original work, and this is one of them; I do wonder where they came from.
      Sadly, I can’t make the movie premiere, so keep us updated if there are any revelations!