A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress


Is your technology making you ill? In our gadget-hungry modern world we are exposed to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation arising from our increased use of electricity and wireless devices. Growing numbers of people are suffering from electro hyper-sensitivity.

This book is an essential ‘risk assessment’ for the home and office environment. Written in an easy to understand style and laid out in sections in decreasing order of risk, Grahame demystifies the subject and outlines some simple precautions that will allow you to maintain a technological lifestyle without getting sick.

Now in its revised and expanded third edition, containing new and updated information on solar panels, smart meters, 5G networks and much more!

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Many leading scientists today believe that the increasing amount of computers and other electronic devices within our homes could be making us ill. Research has now linked these higher levels of electromagnetic radiation and consequential dirty electricity to increases in autism, cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

In his fascinating and well-researched book Grahame Gardner explains and guides readers through a tour of their domestic dwellings, exposing many hidden dangers you wouldn’t expect. Grahame’s complete command of the subject allows him to express in straightforward and accessible language how many of these issues can be recognised and resolved so as to create a healthier and safer home environment.

Roy Riggs BSc
EMF surveyor/geobiologist


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