Bed canopies

These shielded bed canopies provide near-complete protection from radio-frequency fields. Depending on the choice of fabric, screening effectiveness is between 99% – 99.995%. Canopies can be earthed with the addition of a separate grounding lead to provide protection from power-frequency electric fields.

The canopy is suspended over the bed rather like a mosquito net. There are two entrances, one each side, with a good overlap of material to ensure maximum protection.

Note: Unless you are on the ground floor, you should also install screening material or an earthing sheet under the bed and connect it to the canopy with a suitable earthing lead to block RF radiation from below.


Sizes: Pyramid (Single), Box (Single) and Box (Double). Singles are approximately 20cm x 220cm, Doubles are 220cm x 220cm.

Materials: Naturell, Voile, Silver-Tricot and Silver-Tulle.

Prices range from £685 to £1260 depending on size and material.

Canopies are made to order from your choice of screening material. Manufacturing time is approximately one week.

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Naturell, Evo Ultra, Voile, Silver-Tricot, Silver-Tulle


Pyramid (Single), Box (Single), Box (Double/King)


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