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Dirty Electricity is used to describe radiofrequency noise (RF pollution) that is carried on your house wiring. It comes from both inside and outside your home, from mobile phone and WiFi signals outside ‘hitching a ride’ on your incoming electricity supply and from electronic equipment in the home, and especially, CFLs, induction hobs and solar panel equipment.

The deTekta meter measures the amount of Dirty Electricity (DE) that is on your house wiring. It shows the readings in millivolts (mV) on a screen and presents it as an audio signal.

Comes with a carry pouch.

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Dirty electricity is treated by installing one or more DE2 filters.

If you have high levels (over 100 mV) and plug in one or more DE filters the deTekta meter will also show the percentage difference that this makes to the DE on your electricity supply.


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