Dowsing (dis)Courses #4


Dowsing: Magick for the 21st Century

An online talk for Wiltshire Dowsers.

Monday 19 April 2021 at 8pm BST (UK)

This is free to members of Wiltshire Dowsers, but non-members can attend on payment of £5.99.
You will be sent the Zoom link the day before the talk.

30 places available.


26 in stock

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In recent years, dowsing has undergone a radical change. From being a passive tool used to detect tangible targets like water, utilities and archaeological remains, today’s dowsers now actively work with the manipulation and transformation of intangible energies. Dowsing has become a shamanic technology – it’s the new magic. But can the old inform the new? In this fascinating talk, we compare definitions of dowsing with those of traditional magick, look at some theory behind the dowsing response before investigating the nature of consciousness itself and asking, ‘what is the dowsing source? ‘How can we best apply intention?’

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