Dowsing with Sigils


A Dowsing Magic Workbook

A practical workbook for dowsers showing how to create and activate sigils using dowsing techniques.

Sigils are not new, quite the opposite in fact. They have been a feature of traditional magical practice for centuries. For dowsers,  reinforcing intention with a sigil can help you to achieve long-lasting effects. With little more than your pendulum and focused intent, sigils can be easily programmed and activated for almost any situation.


  • Introduction
  • Why Sigils?
  • Symbols and Symbolism
  • Classical Sigils
  • Contemporary Sigils
  • Intention, Prayer and Desire
  • Dowsing
  • Creating a Sigil
  • Activating the Sigil
  • Afterword

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Edition: Paperback 64 pages, 29 B&W illustrations.

Also available on Amazon Kindle.

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