Dowsing with Sigils


A Dowsing Magic Workbook

A practical workbook for dowsers showing how to create and activate sigils using dowsing techniques.

Sigils are not new, quite the opposite in fact. They have been a feature of traditional magical practice for centuries. For dowsers,  reinforcing intention with a sigil can help you to achieve long-lasting effects. With little more than your pendulum and focused intent, sigils can be easily programmed and activated for almost any situation.


  • Introduction
  • Why Sigils?
  • Symbols and Symbolism
  • Classical Sigils
  • Contemporary Sigils
  • Intention, Prayer and Desire
  • Dowsing
  • Creating a Sigil
  • Activating the Sigil
  • Afterword

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Edition: Paperback 64 pages, 29 B&W illustrations.

Also available on Amazon Kindle.

A DVD or online streaming video of the workshop accompanying the book is available.

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One thought on “Dowsing with Sigils

  1. I have read all of Grahame’s excellent books on dowsing and have enjoyed them all. However, it is his highly informative and wonderfully original ‘Dowsing with Sigil’ book that I think is my favourite. I use Sigils all the time as a Druid and have found them to be incredible powerful and effective. There are few good books out there on the subject of Sigil Magic, but it is the way that Grahame has combined this very personal art of symbolic expression, together with the endlessly versatile practice of dowsing that is so impressive.
    In this slim volume, he gives a very concise explanation of how we communicate, verbally and non verbally, as well as how symbols and images can affect us; both consciously and subconsciously. He explains what a sigil actually is and the fact that they are hardly new; having long been used in magically practices and by whom.
    Chapter 5. Intention, Prayer and Desire I think is definitely the clearest way I have ever heard anyone explain how & why using your intention correctly actually works. The book also examines how to overcome the obstacles that we can often face when attempting to manifest real change.
    He then goes on to explain how to create a sigil and also how to activate it. Giving a very clear, step by step example of sigil creation. Everyone I have ever taught to create a sigil always finds them so amazingly creative, useful and effective. In this book, Grahame sets out to share this wonderful new and very practical application of dowsing with sigil magic; that anyone can follow and expand upon. I particularly like his use of wooden discs, as this provides a natural circle to contain the energy that has been raised during their creation.
    This really is a wonderful dowsing magic workbook for anyone who wants a new way to set intentions, both in their dowsing practise and work, or just in their life in general. His DVD, Symbols shapes and Sigils is also an excellent addition to this fascinating subject.
    Both are highly recommended! )0(

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