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Earthing/Grounding sheets are designed to lower power frequency electric fields and drain any charge from your body to earth, restoring your body’s natural potential. Large sheets can also protect from RF radiation from below. Many athletes use earthing sheets or sleeping bags and find that muscle stiffness is much reduced and sleep quality enhanced.

The sheet is installed underneath the bottom sheet on your bed and connected to the Earth using the supplied lead and special earthing plug. The plug uses just the earth pin of any socket to connect and is fitted with a resistor to prevent any risk in the event of an electrical fault in the house wiring. It does not connect to either the live or neutral pins and it makes no difference if the socket is switched on or off. The sheet does not have to cover the whole bed area and is best placed towards the foot of the bed.

An earthed full-size sheet may also be used in conjunction with a bed canopy to provide a complete RF screening solution.

Smaller earthing mats are suitable for use on a chair or in the car. These come with 3m lead, plug and crocodile clip to attach to car seat frame.

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  • Super King/Whole Bed Size : 150 x 200 cm £185
  • Double Bed Size : 100 x 150cm £98
  • Single Bed : 75 x 100 cm £68
  • Computer/car seat mat: 46 x 33 cm £48


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Super King/Whole bed, Double, Single, Chair

One thought on “Earthing sheet

  1. That is two people including myself that swear by this earthing sheet.
    I have tried the bed with and without.
    Without: knee is sorer, sleep isn’t as deep and I sleep for 30-60 minutes Less.
    With: Feel better in the morning.
    More orders on their way as anyone that doesn’t sleep well is interested in this..

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