House Healing parts 1&2 (EE2/3)



These courses are approved by the British Society of Dowsers and come with a comprehensive resource pack and BSD certificate.

Venue (EE2): Beechbrae Woodland Centre, Heights Road, Blackridge, West Lothian EH48 3SW

Venue (EE3): Bridgehouse Village Hall, West Lothian EH48 3DN

Price does not include lunches – please bring your own.

The courses run from 10.00 – 16.30 each day.

Early Bird discount for EE2 available until May 1.

Early Bird discount for EE3 available until May 14.

Super early bird discount if you purchase both courses together (before April 2) – £310.


House Healing parts 1 & 2

27-28 May 2023: Understanding Geopathic Stress (EE2). In this course, the first of two environmental healing courses, you will learn how to detect and harmonise geopathic stress using dowsing techniques, understand the importance of choosing a healthy site for living and working, and develop a basic understanding of  technopathic stress issues in the home. You will learn:

  • Understanding the causes of geopathic stress and how to recognise it
  • Detection of geopathic areas using dowsing techniques
  • Techniques for treating geopathic stress
  • How to assess and heal a site remotely using maps and plans
  • Understanding of the hazards from EMFs and RF radiation and what you can do about them
  • Personal ethical practice
  • How to protect yourself from geopathic and technopathic influences.

10-11 June 2023: Dealing with Psycho-Spiritual issues (EE3). The final part of this environmental healing training, in this course you learn how to deal with psycho-spiritual and other energetic disturbances using dowsing and shamanic techniques, including how to connect and work with your spirit guides, techniques of space clearing, and methods of spirit release. You will learn:

  • How to detect and work with interdimensional energies
  • Learn how to connect and work with spirit guides
  • Dealing with discarnates and entities
  • Personal protection methodology and spiritual hygiene
  • Space clearing techniques
  • Ethical working practices
  • Dealing with clients
  • How to asses a space
  • How to perform a house healing from start to finish

These are intermediate and advanced level courses and are not suitable for complete beginners in dowsing. Students should have completed Foundation or EE1 courses or have equivalent dowsing experience before taking these courses.  If in doubt, please contact me to discuss.

Cancellations/refunds policy on my courses: More than 4 weeks before – full refund. Less than 4 weeks before – 50% refund. Less than 1 week before: no refunds.

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