EM/RF shielded bed canopy LeBlok Defender

This EMF protective bed canopy provides high shielding together with superior aesthetic appearance. This makes the Leblok® Defender a great choice as a permanently installed canopy.

The Leblok® Defender canopy has undergone independent third party testing for both EMF shielding and chemical contamination in order to ensure that you will be sleeping in a safe environment. This durable, breathable fabric effectively blocks over 99.99% of EMF’s, such as Wi-Fi, 5G and mobile phone mast signals, DECT phone, Bluetooth and many other types of RF radiation.

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The canopy comes in two sizes:

Single: for single bed size from 0.9m to 1.4m width. The single canopy has one opening. £1,294.33

King: for king-sized beds from 1.4m to 2.1m width. The king canopy has two openings. £1,623.36

Both variants are 2.3m high.

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