EM/RF shielded bed canopy LeBlok Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a four-poster stand-alone canopy, which comes with an easy-to-assemble frame. This EMF canopy is easy to set up without need of any hooks or attachments to the ceiling. This also means the canopy is portable.

The Leblok® Sanctuary EMF canopy shields from 5G and other electromagnetic radiation such as Wi-Fi, mobile phone and mast signals, DECT, Bluetooth and other EMR to a shielding level of up to 99.99% reduction (42dB)

The canopy is made from a breathable fabric comprising Polyester 90% / Silver/Copper 10% which ensures durability, while providing exceptional shielding levels, helping you to create the optimal EMF-free sleep environment. This is crucial for enabling the body to gain respite from EMF’s during the night for ‘digital-detoxing’.

*In case you are sleeping above ground level, or have any EMF radiation or electric field coming from underneath of the canopy, it is recommended to use our under-shielding mat in conjunction with the canopy to create a complete Faraday cage.


The canopy comes in two sizes:

Single: 2.10m long x 1.05m wide x 2.10m high.  £999.00

Double: 2.10m long x 2.10m wide x 2.30m high. £1,537.97

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