EMF-shielded Travel Blanket


Invest in your health and well-being with this high-quality ultra-high protective travel blanket. Ideal for travel, hotels, camping, and home use, this EMF protection travel blanket is also anti-bacterial, making it a hygienic choice for frequent use. In addition the easy-to-carry size, means you can take it with you wherever you go for peace of mind and protection.

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Introducing the ultimate travel solution for protecting your body from harmful EMF radiation. This EMF protective travel blanket offers the highest level of shielding, making it perfect for travel or home use.

Crafted from a unique blend of 50% Silver Fibre and 50% Beechwood, this silky-soft and lightweight travel blanket provides a comfortable and convenient way to protect yourself from Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G, GSM, smartphones, Bluetooth, masts, TETRA, and many other sources of microwave radiation.

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