Emf Shielding Paint

EMF-Turtal EMF blocking paint is one of the most effective ways of shielding all kinds of EMFs. It efficiently and reliably shields against 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GSM, LTE, Wi-Fi, DECT, TETRA, radar and all other types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Available for both indoor and outdoor use. Supplied in powder form, simply mix with water to make 3L of paint.

Painted surfaces should be grounded using copper tape and grounding plate kits.

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EMF-Turtal paint is especially designed to shield 5G frequencies, this is another reason why this paint is so popular among informed clients. It is conductive and can be easily grounded to eliminate electric fields (eg LF radiation from house electric wiring etc) and make HF/RF shielding properties even more effective.

Another benefit of EMF-Turtal is its fast drying characteristic, enabling customers to complete a double coat in a very fast time-frame. Especially important if you have a short time window frame for installation and want to accomplish your EMF shielding project in a matter of hours. This paint is also favourite for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

This EMF protective paint comes in a powder form – when the time comes you simply mix it with water and apply. Two coats are recommended.

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