EMF-Shielding Wall Coverings

Shielding a wall is the simple and most practical way to shield against neighbourhood EMF sources such as Wi-Fi, cellphones, DECT, Smart meters and other RF radiation. These Wall Coverings are made from the highest quality materials that conform to international standards. They have been independently tested in approved laboratories.

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Shield your home from electromagnetic radiation with our EMF Shielding materials from Leblok®.

Two types of shielding are available:

Leblok Absorb wallpaper absorbs EMF as well as reflecting it and provides protection against high and low-frequency fields. Safeguard yourself from 5G phone masts, DECT, Wi-Fi, power lines, and other sources of EMF radiation.

LBK100 wall covering provides extremely high shielding. This fabric is ideal for use when particularly strong radiation is encountered or when the source is particularly close, for instance for the application of shielding Smart meter installations or neighbourhood Wi-Fi and 5G masts.

Best used with our copper grounding tape and grounding plate.

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