Gardner Rosette

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100mm diameter, printed both sides on hard-wearing plastic (about as thick as a credit card).

Comes with instructions in a zip-lock bag.

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Many dowsers are familiar with the 8-colour ‘Mager Rosette’. Developed in the early 20th C. by the French dowser Henri Mager and traditionally used by water dowsers to assess the quality of water, it increases the range of information that can be dowsed. This new ‘Gardner Rosette’ includes the traditional Mager colours and adds an extra six that are useful for earth energy work and other forms of dowsing. The ‘metallic’ colours of copper (Cu), Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) are often related to dragon or serpent energy lines associated with global leys, such as the Michael or Apollo currents.

In use, the Rosette is held in one hand with the pendulum in ‘neutral’ or ‘search’ motion in the other hand over the substance under test. Holding each of the colours in turn between thumb and forefinger, you progress round the disc until the pendulum reacts (for example, blue traditionally means potable water, black means geopathically-stressed etc.).

This Mark 2 version has four different pendulum charts in the centre to further increase classification options. Full instructions are included.

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One thought on “Gardner Rosette

  1. The Gardner Rosette is a modernisation of the Henri Mager disc, having 14 colours instead of eight.

    These six extra colours may help with Earth Energy dowsing. However, the rosette is an incredibly versatile tool which could be used for virtually any sphere of dowsing:- water, minerals, earth energies, healing etc. It is especially useful when you require a qualitative or graded response. Gardner’s disc goes further as there is an inner circle with a yes/no chart and a numerical dial; the leaflet suggests swinging the pendulum back and forth over the zero-line and then asking the pendulum to angle towards the number which reflects the answer. This could then be used, for example, to modify a colour response.

    I decided to try out this new rosette by locating a water vein in my back garden. I first tested the purity of the water using my old Mager disc, and got a green signature. I then tested it using the Gardner rosette and got the same colour. Using the number dial I qualified this, getting a +3. So this represents a refinement on what the old Mager disc can do.

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