JRS Eco 100 Wi-Fi routers

Peace of mind with wireless on demand. Common wi-fi routers and modems emit beacon signals 24/7, 10 pulses per second. Reduce radiation in your home with a JRS Eco 100 router, measurably, without sacrificing speed, stability or range. JRS has been creating Eco routers since 2011.

D1 model £168.88; D2 model £195.74

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The JRS eco  100 wireless routers are the easiest way to reduce radiation exposure from your Wi-Fi router. Compatible with all internet providers, the JRS eco routers are standard ASUS routers with custom firmware installed, allowing them to be configured to automatically turn on the Wi-Fi only when you need it. Wi-Fi power can also be reduced by up to 90%. You can even program the Wi-Fi to turn off completely at night.

There are two models – the D1 is a desktop model that can also be wall-mounted. The D2 is designed to be free-standing. Both function in exactly the same way, the only difference with the D2 is that the antennae can be removed to attach attenuators that further limit the Wi-Fi broadcast range. Useful if you want to confine the transmissions to a single room, for example.

I have a D1 model myself and fully endorse the product. Easy to set up with a little bit of tech-savvy, works really well and in Full eco mode there are no detectable emissions from the router.

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