Leys-the Straight Story



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A virtual presentation, available as online streaming content or physical DVD.

PRICE: £5.99/£10.00.

Running time 76 mins.

Recorded at the West Coast Conference, Santa Cruz in July 2018.



What exactly is a ley line anyway?

Recent years have seen some exciting developments in earth energy research, with dowsers finding several new manifestations of Gaia’s energy field. Yet we still can’t agree on what to call a dowsable straight line of earth energy. In an attempt to provide some perspective, Grahame shares some of the latest research into the ancient sites, leys, alignments, grids and dragon lines of the UK and beyond.


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2 thoughts on “Leys-the Straight Story

  1. Hi Roy,
    Thanks for your post. Sadly you’re a bit out of the way for attending any dowsing events as most things happen ‘doon sooth’.
    I have run some weekend workshops in Aberdeenshire previously, but mostly my stuff happens in central or southern Scotland. I’m always happy to discuss running workshops for small groups if you can rustle up some friends? Email me using the contact me page.
    Keep in touch by signing up to my mailing list, follow me on Twitter @grumgeo or at facebook.com/scotdowser

  2. Hello Graham, I’m a recently retired builder, have been dowsing for years when doing my job looking for old wells hidden water pipes etc, I’m interested in learning more about dowsing in general and energy lines etc, wondering if you maybe have any courses for someone like myself, I’m based in north east Scotland, thanks Roy

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