Low Frequency Meter Gigahertz Solutions


This German-made device is simple to use and provides a straightforward method for detecting and measuring power-frequency electric and magnetic fields.

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An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength, with a ‘Geiger-counter-effect’, helps locate areas with higher exposure. It has a frequency range of 16 Hz to 2 KHz and a measurement range of 1 to 1999 nT for magnetic flux density and 1 to 1999 V/m for electric field strength, with an accuracy of +/- 2% and +/- 20 digits at 50/60 Hz.

It runs on a 9-volt alkaline battery, with a low battery indication and auto-power-off feature, and has an average operating time of 24-36 hours. The device comes with a grounding cable, battery, and a detailed manual with background information. It weighs 0.41 kg and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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