Adventures in Dowsing

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ASD 2017 convention feedback:

Liked the lecture followed by practice, more lecture/more practice. Really enforced the information.
Exceeded my expectations. Very helpful and useful, adding tools and ideas which I will incorporate into my shaman work.
Wonderful workshop, tons of information.
Excellent presentation. PowerPoint was well done and he gave us great tools too!
This was an excellent class! I am so glad I took it!
Grahame demonstrates mastery of this subject. It has been a privilege to hear him speak!
Good presentation – fun, interesting – interactive! I would love to learn more from him.
F***ing brilliant and then some! Content, delivery, group interaction. Best of the conference.
Can’t wait for your next book. This was a Blessing.
Informative, Instructive, User-friendly!
Grahame is a lot of fun, his enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Grahame is always such a great speaker!
Funny, interesting, interactive. Awesome!

Pocket Dowsing Charts -set of 6


£30.00 £23.00

Set of 6 credit-card sized dowsing charts in an attractive magnetically-closing metal case. Dowsing charts can be used with your pendulum to provide more detailed answers, check quantities or percentages, etc.

An ideal gift for any dowser.

4 in stock

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These dowsing charts are specially imported from Japan and are a UK exclusive to Western Geomancy.

Supplied at a special introductory price.

Additional information

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 2 cm

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