Remote consultation


Remote house healing consultation. (For on-site visits, please email me).

Before you pay:

Have you completed your questionnaire?

Have you emailed your hand-drawn floor plans of the property, plus a plan of the garden or surrounding land (if applicable)?


A remote consultation is essentially the same as an on-site visit, with the exception that I am unable to make accurate measurements of technopathic stress issues. The treatment is more ‘general’ in approach rather than the ‘hands-on’ involvement of a site visit and relies more on distant healing techniques, but can be just as effective. The cost of a remote consultation is deducted from the price of any subsequent on-site visit.

What is involved:

  • Remote dowsing to identify earth energy problems relating to underground water flows, energy leys, earth grids, vortices and psycho-spiritual disturbances.
  • Checking maps and records to identify any influence from previous site use, underlying geological conditions, power lines, phone masts etc.
  • Resolving any geopathic stress issues.
  • Clearing any psycho-spiritual disturbances.
  • Balancing any other energetic problems.
  • Applying energetic protection to the space.

A full report with plans and follow-up advice is provided.

What I need from you:

  • Firstly, you will need to complete this short questionnaire to identify any issues or concerns.
  • You also need to provide a layout plan of the property and any surrounding garden or land. The plan should be hand-drawn at A4 (or US Letter) size with each room labelled (Lounge, Kitchen, Bed 1, Bed 2 etc.). It doesn’t need to be completely accurate or to scale, as long as it is clear. Please indicate the direction of North if possible. Draw a separate plan for each floor and one for the garden area. You can either upload these with your questionnaire, email them to me, or ask me for address details if you need to post them.
  • Please also provide exact location details if you can, so that I can find your property on a map.  The simplest way to do this is to send me a What3Words location tag, just pick any square overlaying your property (this is easier if you turn on satellite imagery by clicking the globe in the bottom right corner) and send me either the link or the three words. You can also send a Google Earth (or Maps) .kml placemark or a full OS gridref (if you’re in the UK).
  • If the property is not visible in Streetview, I may ask you for a photograph of it as well.
  • When you have completed the questionnaire and sent your plans, I will contact you to let you know that everything is OK; then please return to this page to make your payment.

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