Silvascreen is a very efficient, strong and cost-effective RF screening material suitable for use on walls, floors and ceilings. It can also be used under beds in conjunction with a bed canopy. It offers 99.999% power reduction across the whole RF spectrum.

The material is 1.5m wide and is easily earthed. Price £18/metre, minimum order 1 metre.


Silvascreen is very hard-wearing and is made from a strong, non-woven, breathable polypropylene substrate with one side aluminium-bonded. Polypropylene is a rot-proof, chemically inert material that is classed as very low risk for any allergic reaction. Can be used to line attics, under carpets, behind wallpaper etc. – anywhere you need highly effective, good value screening where visibility is not an issue.

An Earthing/Grounding kit is available as an optional extra (with or without UK plug), which must be ordered at the same time as the material as a connector pop-stud is fixed to a corner of the material before shipping. The Earthing lead is separate and may be attached or removed from the material at any time.

Earthing kit (with UK plug fitted): £14.40, (without plug) £12.00.

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