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A virtual workshop presentation, available as online streaming content or physical DVD.

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Running time 84 mins. approx.


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A virtual workshop of ‘Dowsing Magic – Symbols, Shapes & Sigils (programming the quantum wave)’ that accompanies the book ‘Dowsing with Sigils’. In this practical workshop we explore the power and etheric resonance generated by geometric symbols, looking at how cultural conditioning can influence our dowsing by comparing their effect on the human energy field. Such symbolic forms are often used to fix energetic problems, for example Reiki or Biogeometry symbols, but it can be more effective to create a personal sigil designed expressly for the task at hand. A sigil is a graphical distillation of purpose that can be programmed as an ongoing emitting matrix requiring no further consideration. We’ll look at how to create them, how to apply them some things that they can be used for, and how to activate them using dowsing techniques as you create your very own talisman.

Recorded at the American Society of Dowsers convention in Saratoga Springs, NY, July 2017.

Please choose from DVD or Streaming options. Both versions include a downloadable student handout.


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