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A Sacred Space of your own

What do a circle chalked on your living room carpet, a labyrinth, the ring of stones at Stonehenge, the interior of a Gothic cathedral and the passage cairn of Newgrange have in common? They are all examples of sacred space. Sacred spaces are where we go to step outside of our normal everyday lives. Places where we can be alone to commune with the Divine, or gather together in groups for ceremony and ritual. They are places where our connection with the spiritual is enhanced; places that inspire us or induce a sense of wonder or awe, places that we can use for retreat, meditation, self-renewal and spiritual advancement.

Today, with increasing numbers of people taking control of their own spiritual paths, there is often a need for them to have access to a personal sacred space that they can use regularly and exclusively – perhaps a garden labyrinth, stone circle or temple.   Or perhaps you just need a garden feature that remediates local detrimental energies, such as a cairn or standing stone. A properly-constructed sacred space should incorporate beneficial earth energies, harmonious ratios of sacred geometry,  and significant astronomical alignments (such as a sunrise on your birthday or other life event), which anchors the site in Time and Space.

For more details, have a look at The Geomancy Group – Sacred Space.

I have experience in designing and constructing many sacred spaces, and I have a particular fondness for labyrinths. Whatever your sacred space requirements, I can design, consult and ceremonially commission the space for you. If you are interested in discussing a particular project, please get in touch.

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