Technopathic Stress

What is it?

Technopathic stress is a very new phenomenon that has only arisen in the last 15 years or so as a result of our addictive love affair with gadgets and technology. Most people in the Western world now live in a complex soup of electromagnetic radiation. Broadly speaking, this can be divided into pulsed radio-frequency fields from mobile phone masts, cordless phones in the home, so-called ‘smart’ meters, Wi-Fi networks and other microwave-based technologies; and power-frequency fields and ‘dirty electricity’ from transformers, power lines, electrical items in the home etc. Many scientific studies, particularly from Europe, now suggest that prolonged exposure to these electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems. More and more people are finding themselves suffering from electro-hypersensitivity. Initial symptoms typically manifest as poor sleep patterns, impaired thought processes, headaches and depression. Does your face or hands tingle when you use your mobile phone? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Have you ever felt nauseous using your cordless or mobile phone? Do you suffer from unexplained migraines? Do you feel funny when you’re around Wi-Fi, or getting close to it? These are all typical symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity, and the effects are cumulative; the more you are exposed, the worse your symptoms become.

Some studies have demonstrated a convincing link between autism and exposure to EMFs in the womb. Cases of childhood autism in the western world have doubled in the last few years; the same period that has seen an explosive increase in the use of pulsed microwave communication technologies – coincidence? Because of the relative newness of the phenomenon, long-term research is still lacking. However, many countries and organisations in Europe and elsewhere have recommended or already adopted lower levels of exposure than the UK; France has even legislated for the removal of Wi-Fi from public buildings and infant schools, and has banned its use in other schools except when absolutely necessary. The roll-out of the new 5G networks requiring higher frequencies means an exponential proliferation of transmitters in our streets and homes to maximise network coverage (as the higher frequencies cannot travel as far), resulting in increased exposure for everyone.

The science bit

The accepted exposure levels for radio frequency EMFs (microwaves) are based on their thermal effects on body cells – i.e. the level at which the water molecules in the body start to heat up, just as your microwave oven heats food. Limits are set far below these levels, based on an ’average’ power density. Below this level, it is claimed that there is no biological effect on the body. However, the pulsed microwave signals used in digital communications have peak pulses many times higher than these average levels and are modulated several times a second (DECT cordless phones can have peak levels 100 times higher than their ‘average’ level). There is growing evidence that serious biological effects do occur; in simple terms, cell membranes are over-stimulated (stressed), which disrupts their natural cycle of nutrient absorption and hinders elimination of toxins, so the body’s immune system does not get a chance to repair damage.
At a psychological level, the pulse frequencies are in some cases very close to our natural brainwave frequencies, and this tends to ‘entrain’ our brain waves into unnatural rhythms, causing sleeplessness, depression and other psychological problems. I have certainly observed myself that I have trouble sleeping in the presence of Wi-Fi and DECT telephones.


Having a DECT cordless phone or a Wi-Fi network in the home actually exposes you to greater microwave power density levels than if you had a mobile phone mast sited in the garden!

The effects of power frequency EMFs have been well documented as we have lived with them for longer and few would deny that there is a connection between high voltage power lines and childhood leukaemia; just as we know that over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer. There has been less documentation on the electric and magnetic fields emitted by many domestic appliances, and the effect these have on electro-sensitive individuals. ‘Dirty Electricity’ refers to radio-frequency noise emitted from mains wiring in the home, which caused problems for some very sensitive individuals. It is caused by computers, TVs, fridges – anything with a switched-mode power supply in fact – and the worst offenders are solar panels (even those on a neighbouring building).

My services

It is advisable to have your home or office properly surveyed for EMFs and microwaves. As every place is unique, there can be hot spots of EMF and microwave radiations in different locations. Faulty home wiring, proximity to phone masts and power lines, even the construction of your mattress all have an effect on your exposure.

My background as a theatre electrician means that I am experienced and knowledgeable about this subject. I use professional scientific instruments to measure the power density of microwave radiation, electric and magnetic fields throughout your property. I also check your house wiring for any major faults and measure levels of ‘dirty electricity’, check your personal body voltage with respect to earth (a build-up of charge can be problematic), and check your bed for any major distortions in the background geomagnetic field.

I also provide practical help and advice about the protective measures that you can implement, and can supply screening material and filters.

More information
For more detailed information, please watch this 20-minute video of a talk given by Dr. Martin Blank to the Commonwealth Club of California in November 2010 detailing the proven biological effects of pulsed non-ionising microwave radiations:

Commonwealth Club 11-18-10. Panel II – Martin Blank, PhD from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

You can find more information about technopathic stress, including links to further research sites and a list of simple steps you can take to reduce exposure, in this article that I wrote for The Geomancy Group (with a tip o’ the hat to Roy Riggs):

The Geomancy Group – Technopathic Stress.

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For more details, see my book, ‘A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress’ – now in its third, extended and updated edition (also available on Amazon Kindle).

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