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Earthing sheets  

That is two people including myself that swear by this earthing sheet.
I have tried the bed without and without.
Without: knee is sorer, sleep isn’t as deep and I sleep for 30-60 minutes Less.
With: Feel better in the morning.
More orders on their way as anyone that doesn’t sleep well is interested in this..

Scott Craig   
Dowsing Magic Book 1  

The book is great - there is a lot in there to take in!

Alan Gray   
Earthing sheets  

The earthing sheets work a treat.. helping my sore knee heal through the night, and enjoying deeper sleeps.
Keen for friends and family to give it a try, as good sleep leads to a longer, healthier lifespan!

Scott Craig   
Golden Grahames  

I love my rods, thank you!

Golden Grahames  

The (rods) are very powerful – I had a profound experience last night; what do you do to them?

Jan Hogarth   
Dowsing Magic Book 2  

Thank you so much for writing this book; it has been most helpful with my developing house healing skills.

Nicki Jones   

Thanks very much for coming over. I feel very reassured now.

Jane McKay   
House feels more open.  

I was extremely happy with your visit and found the whole experience so helpful. I learned a great deal and had the confidence to make simple changes which will benefit the health of everyone in the house. You have a wealth of knowledge, and work to a high professional standard.

Linda russell   
It's a new house!  

Thank you for coming last week ... the house feels great now - especially the main bedroom. It's a new house!


Grahame is an amazing dowser/geomancer and confirmed as much for me on a field trip to Royston Cave in Hertfordshire last autumn, bless his heart. I do not claim to be much of a technical dowser myself as I tend to work more on an intuitive level, but Grahame is a methodical and technically brilliant dowser. I recollect he gallantly confirmed all my tentative speculations about the lines of energy running through the site at Royston.

Peter Quiller   

Thank you so much, I rested assured last night.


Having done two of Grahame’s weekend courses as well as two one day workshops this year I can say that they are always fascinating, extremely informative and great fun. He really knows his stuff and a lot more besides and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge and expertise to beginners as well as more experienced dowsers. I had never done any dowsing before although always interested and am now hooked.
Highly recommended to anyone who has an interest in dowsing and Earth Energies.

Tony Ellis   
Understanding Power Centres (EE4)  

A well-presented course.


I enjoyed the weekend with Grahame very much – he’s an excellent tutor.

Symbols, Shapes and Sigils  

F***ing brilliant and then some! Content, delivery, group interaction. Best of the conference.


I think your courses are fantastic.


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