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Earthing sheets  

The earthing sheets work a treat.. helping my sore knee heal through the night, and enjoying deeper sleeps.
Keen for friends and family to give it a try, as good sleep leads to a longer, healthier lifespan!

Scott Craig   
Dowsing Magic Book 1  

The book is great - there is a lot in there to take in!

Alan Gray   
Earthing sheets  

That is two people including myself that swear by this earthing sheet.
I have tried the bed without and without.
Without: knee is sorer, sleep isnโ€™t as deep and I sleep for 30-60 minutes Less.
With: Feel better in the morning.
More orders on their way as anyone that doesnโ€™t sleep well is interested in this..

Scott Craig   
Dowsing Magic Book 2  

Thank you so much for writing this book; it has been most helpful with my developing house healing skills.

Nicki Jones   
Golden Grahames  

The (rods) are very powerful โ€“ I had a profound experience last night; what do you do to them?

Jan Hogarth