Word of the Week: Liminality

Liminality (from the Latin limen, meaning ‘a threshold’ – Wikipedia) denotes a state that is betwixt or between, a transition, border or threshold between different states of being, places or times. It is the middle ground between one thing and another, a place of limbo having qualities of both but being identified with neither. A liminal place has more likelihood of hosting a supernatural event, or it can provide the optimum conditions for an act of magic to propagate successfully, especially if the act is performed at a liminal time. Examples of liminal places include caves, bogs, springs, rivers, coastlines, … Continue reading Word of the Week: Liminality

The spectrum of dowsing belief

I’m sitting in Luton airport where I have a few hours to kill before my flight back to Glasgow, following a very successful BSD Tutor Orientation weekend. Eleven potential tutors were present, including one chap who had come all the way from Kathmandu and had been waiting over two years to attend the course – such is the kudos that the BSD Training courses have these days. During a discussion around the topic of Universal dowsing truths vs. personal beliefs, I came up with the concept of a ‘Spectrum of Dowsing Belief’. At one end of the spectrum, we have … Continue reading The spectrum of dowsing belief