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Earthing sheets  

That is two people including myself that swear by this earthing sheet.
I have tried the bed without and without.
Without: knee is sorer, sleep isn’t as deep and I sleep for 30-60 minutes Less.
With: Feel better in the morning.
More orders on their way as anyone that doesn’t sleep well is interested in this..

Scott Craig   
Golden Grahames  

The (rods) are very powerful – I had a profound experience last night; what do you do to them?

Jan Hogarth   
Earthing sheets  

The earthing sheets work a treat.. helping my sore knee heal through the night, and enjoying deeper sleeps.
Keen for friends and family to give it a try, as good sleep leads to a longer, healthier lifespan!

Scott Craig   
Dowsing Magic Book 1  

The book is great - there is a lot in there to take in!

Alan Gray   
Dowsing Magic Book 2  

Thank you so much for writing this book; it has been most helpful with my developing house healing skills.

Nicki Jones   
We are sleeping much better  

Thank you very much again for coming to visit us and for all your advice. Your report is very comprehensive and useful to refer to.

Home Help  

Grahame spent about 4 hours at our place and paced thru our summer jungle uncomplainingly. He was very professional, open and helpful about what he was doing and answered our many questions. We both found our home felt quite different after he had been, quieter and more peaceful. Graham's practical suggestions were helpful. His report arrived a short while later as promised. We realize this is a work in progress and look forward to seeing where it may lead ! We have no hesitation in recommending Grahame , many thanks.

Bel Rayner   

I don't pee the bed any more! There was a bad line of electricity going through where I sleep. Mummy got a man to come in, and he whacked it over the house with a wooden spoon!

Sorcha (age 9)   

I'm still reaping the benefits of the fabulous remedial work you did for me, here at the lake - thank you!

Pamela Bailey   

Grahame was very professional and conducted a very full survey ... and replied to all my queries very knowledgeably ....my home now feels a much more calm and peaceful place to live.

Liz Jones   
Symbols, Shapes and Sigils  

Wonderful workshop, tons of information.

Seven Steps to Sacred Space  

Exceeded my expectations. Very helpful and useful, adding tools and ideas which I will incorporate into my shaman work.

Seven Steps to Sacred Space  

Liked the lecture followed by practice, more lecture/more practice. Really enforced the information.

Understanding Geopsychic Stress (EE3)  

A most enjoyable, fun and informative 2 days, delivered with great humour.

Foundation Course in Dowsing  

Very good taster/introduction with a helpful, supportive tutor.


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